Power Socket

Pin 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 Socket

Rocker Switch

JM Electronics offers a wide array of full-sized to miniature illuminated and non-illuminated snap-in Rocker Switches.

Toggle Switch

JM Electronics Toggle Switch offered by us are available in market with a very reasonable price.

Other Items

JM Electronics guarantees a perfect fit, optimum material specification under constant surveillance by experienced qualit inspectiors. If a customize replacement part is needed, J.M. Electronic's technical specialists optimize its design to meet you expectations.

JM Electronics is well equipped with essential perequisite to cater to you needs. We have all the machinery and facilities to produce quality products at very low input. These products are widely used in various electronics items like TV, Computer, Deck, VCD Player, Telecommunications, Electrical items like power strep switches, emergency lights, cooler, table fan/AC and mixer switches etc.

Other Items Gallery